Hart Rifle Barrels.

The Nations
Most experienced & trusted Precision Custom barrel maker.

we've been producing
Record setting,match winning barrels from the
highest quality american made steel available,
for over70 years.

competitors have set or broken more national & world records using our barrels than any other barrel maker.
our barrels are
truly "custom made"
one at a time.

we choose not to compete with the mass production barrel makers.
our focus has always been directed towards excellence & precision rather than quantity.

you simply can not buy a better precision custom made barrel.

we've been the
dominate Barrel Maker in
the most accuracy demanding shooting disciplines
for over seven decades.

here's just a few examples,
of what you can and should expect from our barrels.

Jack Sutton of Hart Rifle Barrels
Sets current New World Record
IBSA Combined Agg.(100&200 Yard)

James Bradshaw
2020 State of Alabama
Top PRS Shooter.

current world record agg. at 300 yards
lv class,300 yard ibs match,5 shots,
one (.1937) bullet hole.
Hart rifle Barrel's Billy Sutton
Punched this current
world record

Mike Ratigan
Sweeps the Field!
winning four gold metals at the
world bench rest championship.

bill schrader,
sets new nbrsa record in
1000 yard light gun class
with a group of 1.474"